Environmental Responsibility

  • Hongmi Environmental Protection

  • ConceptEnergy conservation

  • ImplementControl costs

  • FacilityGreen facilities

Energy saving: In response to the national new energy promotion, encourage the development of the utilization of multiple energy storage. Hongmi has introduced high-efficiency photovoltaic power generation, "transformed" the roof of the factory into a photovoltaic power station, created a low-carbon "sunshine economy", and promoted the high-quality and low-cost development of the enterprise.

Emission reduction: RTO waste gas treatment equipment, purification of waste gas and emission standards are the embodiment of Hongmi's environmental protection. At present, the national exhaust gas emission standard is 80mg/m³. While our company strictly abides by the national emission standard, we also strictly require our own enterprises to strive for excellence.

Safe Production

Class A hazardous article warehouse, we guarantee safety through clear classification and strict control.

Our company is established in strict accordance with the national Class A dangerous goods warehouse standard, safe production and safe operation.

Dangerous Goods Warehouse