• 2021

    01. The new factory <Zhejiang Hongmi Plastics Technology Co., Ltd.> completes the plant, equipment and facilities, and officially opens in 2021

  • 2019

    01. Introduction and mass production of optical plating process

    02. Introduction of Honda/Nio project into mass production

  • 2018

    01. In May, obtained IATF16949 quality system certification

    02. In August, the coating line and on-site management ability passed the SGM review

    03. New factory (Zhejiang Hongmi Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.) started construction

    04. Suzuki/Nissan project was introduced into mass production/Jaguar Land Rover/Honda/Nio project intervened in development

  • 2017

    01. Construction of new molding plant

    02. Suzuki/Nissan project intervenes in development

  • 2016

    01. In Dec, the new automatic real plating coating line officially started production

    02. The mass production of SAIC/Jiangling/Chery/Dongfeng Xiaokang projects

  • 2015

    01. ISO/TS16949 quality system certification certificate obtained

    02. In Aug, the new automatic coating line officially started production

    03. Dongfeng Xiaokang/Jiangling/Chery project intervened in development

  • 2014

    01. Tianjin Toyota project introduced mass production

    02. Expansion of the molding workshop

  • 2013

    01. Dongfeng Honda Project officially started mass production

  • 2012

    01. Mazda project is introduced into mass production

  • 2011

    01.In Jul OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety System was officially obtained

    02.In March began to transfer to the development of auto parts

    03. Huawei / ZTE mobile phone parts production

  • 2010

    01. Manufacturing of medical device components

    02. Sharp mobile phone parts involved in production

  • 2009

    01. From 2005 to 2009, it mainly produced Sony Ericsson mobile phone parts

    02. In Apr, the ISO 14001 environmental system was officially obtained

  • 2005

    01. The factory was established on May 8, and mass production of Sony Ericsson mobile phone parts began in July of that year

    02. In Sept ISO 9001: 2000 quality system officially obtained